Restaurant Restaurant & CafeCafe



Every Thursday evening from July 10th to the end of August.

Reservation Phone: 04 94 96 25 57

Possibility of hosting : 120 peoples

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Our Menu

STARTERS from 12€

MAIN DISH from 19€ / Dish of the day : Lunch 14€ (excluding weekends,Public holidays,July and August)



Wedding and Brunch

MAHI-PLAGE La Nartelle Phone : 04 94 96 25 57 / Email : 

In this exceptional site, we will welcome you for your wedding and for your brunch. We organise an aperitive,a meal and an evening that can be extended until 4:00 in the morning. ln these beautiful settings, you can welcome up to 200 guests from mid-March to end of October.

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